AMS World Marketing Congress - Conference 2020

The University of Queensland Business School will host the 23rd Academy of Marketing Science (AMS) World Marketing Congress (WMC) in 2021. This internationally reputed conference has been postponed from July 2020 until July 2021 (exact dates to follow).

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‘Discovery with Social Impact’

As Drucker said, the only two value-added functions in business are marketing and innovation. Today marketers are challenged to add value in an environment characterized as filled with problems arising from climate change, global natural resource management, fractionized political and economic viewpoints, and changes in the social landscape, both within and across national borders. These “sands” continue to shift from the past into our current world and marketing innovations more and more are leveraged by the rising influence of artificial intelligence, virtual reality, mechanamorphics, a proliferation of data, changing economic power concentration, and a myriad of other factors. Notably, Queensland, the host state of the 2020 Academy of Marketing Science World Marketing Congress and home to the Great Barrier Reef and oldest and most bio-diverse rainforest in the world, is no stranger to environmental threats.

In the complex context of today’s world, as in the past, marketers continue to seek to discover new ways of creating value-adding exchanges. Tools such as marketing analytics point toward innovative ways to replace or assist marketing decision-making. However, marketing efforts should continue to be guided by such values as equity, transparency, authenticity, and empathy. At a collective and organisational level, marketers should strive to continue to offer value in a socially-responsible way to society and the consumers within.

Accordingly, the AMS WMC 2020 provides a platform and collegial atmosphere for marketing scholars as they continue to consider their work through the lens of ‘responsible’ or ‘enlightened marketing’, which takes into consideration the disciplines potential societal and environmental effects and contributions in theory and practice. This will include the presentation of possible new theory discoveries and findings that could lead to more efficient and impactful responses by marketers to the current multi-faceted global challenge array. Gatherings such as this help to assure that the future of marketing and the communities it so closely impacts will be bright and continue as a true value-added function to business.

About the conference

In addition to the valuable opportunity to meet and connect with marketing scholars from around the world, the 2020 Congress will provide a forum for insightful and engaging panel discussions, special topic sessions, workshops, invited sessions and peer-reviewed research presentations covering a wide range of contemporary marketing themes and practice-based keynote addresses.

About the campus

UQ Business School is located at the St Lucia Campus of The University of Queensland adjoining the beautiful Brisbane River and centrally located with easy transport access to the Brisbane City. The City of Brisbane is one of most welcoming cities in Australia – great weather year round, great people and a great culture. Within an hour’s drive north and south of the city are well known surfing beaches, beautiful national parks and even theme parks for the kids. It is the closest major city to some of the world’s unique and iconic heritage listed natural treasures such as Great Barrier Reef.

The team

Conference Programme co-chairs:
Associate Professor Jay Weerawardena -
Dr Alastair Tombs -

Local Area Co-ordinator:
Associate Professor Sarah Jayne Kelly -

Event Manager:
Kate Cupples - UQ Business School Marketing team

Web designer:
UQ Business School Multimedia team

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